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Isle of Candles, Inc.
10880 Ocean Hwy
#25 Hammock Shops
Pawleys Island, SC  29585   

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We have always known how wonderful Pawleys Island is and now National Geographic has confirmed that by declaring Pawleys Island one of the 10 best summer trips for nature lovers and urban explorers! They noted our laid-back, low-country vibe and urged visitors to try a traditional rope hammock. You can get the original rope hammock in the Hammock Shops - conveniently located next to Isle of Candles! Come see us in Pawleys Island!



I have suffered with atopic dermatitis and hand eczema since birth.  My hands and fingers crack and bleed and sometimes become so sore that it is had to use them.  I have used cortisone cream for many years.  Since purchasing a soy candle from your store in Pawleys Island, things have changed.  It is amazing how much better they feel.  It makes them very soft, and they don't seem to crack as much. I just had to share this with you.

Jill, Seneca, SC
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