Take a Dip...Into Soy!

The Soy Candle that can be used as a Lotion
The Isle Co. specializes in bringing you the unique experience of soy through our renowned soy lotion candles.  Known for their healing and soothing wonders, our soy lotion candles are made from 100% pure soybean oil - a natural moisturizer that makes your skin silky smooth!
You can use an Isle of Candles Soy Lotion Candle as a moisturizing
body lotion as well as a clean burning fragrance candle. 
Go ahead...take a dip! You will be glad you did.
                          It's as easy as 1-2-3!
Step 1
Let your Soy Lotion Candle burn until a pool of oil forms.
Always burn your Soy Lotion Candle until the melted oil pool covers the entire top
surface of the candle.  This will prevent candle "tunneling" and promote even burning.
For safety, extinguish the flame before dipping into the moisturizing soy oil.


Step 2
Dip your fingers into the melted soy oil.
Soy candles burn cooler than paraffin wax
candles so the oil will feel like a warm bath.



Step 3
Apply generously to skin.

   Your skin absorbs a warm oil better than a cold lotion so the oil
will penetrate deeply to help smooth and moisturize your skin.